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Today, let's dive into the ultimate guide in the world of periods – demystifying the art of finding your perfect fit in the realm of menstrual cups! Buckle up for a quick journey where comfort wins, sustainability shines, and empowerment is the name of the game.

Now, why the fuss about sizes, you ask? Well, a cup that fits like a glove ensures leak-free, comfortable periods. Our interactive guide is here to make the selection process a breeze – think of it as your personal roadmap to period peace. 

We'll cover the nitty-gritty details, throw in some expert insights, and maybe even share a laugh because, hey, PERIODS SHOULDN'T BE A MYSTERY; THEY SHOULD BE A CONVERSATION. Ready to own your flow? Let's dive in! 

Menstural cups

Do menstrual cups come in different sizes?

Recognizing that every person has a preference and level of comfort, every business customises its menstrual cups with varying cup sizes. Users of different ages, body shapes, and menstrual flow intensities may be guaranteed a tailored fit with the sizes that brands offer, which normally range from small to big.

Understanding the Sizes of A Savvy Menstrual Cup

Think of menstrual cups like puzzle pieces, each designed to cater to different needs! 

When you have Savvy by your side, be sure to experience a tailored cup fit which is best-suited by your body type. We provide you with our small, medium, and large cup-sizes, and understanding how each piece fits is essential for a comfortable and perfect match. 

Cup Size Decoded!

Savvy Small-size Menstrual Cup-

With a holding capacity of 25ml and a cup diameter of about 4.3 cm, this small-size menstrual cup is the most suited for teens. 


Super girl menstrual cups

 Savvy Medium Size Menstrual Cup

 With a diameter of 4.4cm are specially crafted to hold up to 29ml of body fluid for an average body build best suited for those who have not delivered a child vaginally and with normal flow.


Yes Queen Menstrual cups

 Savvy Large Size Menstrual Cup

With a fluid holding capacity of 36ml and diameter of about 4.6cm,  this large size Savvy Menstrual cup  is best suited for ladies having heavy flow and who have delivered a baby vaginally, or are over 30 years of age.


Boss Lady Menstrual ups

Busting the Common Myths- 

Myth 1: Cup size depends on vaginal size

Reality: People often believe that the size of the vaginal opening determines the cup size to use. But in reality, things are a bit different!

Myth 2: Larger Cup for Heavy Flow

Reality: Flow varies, but you don't always need a larger cup. Choose based on cervix height and comfort, not just flow.

Myth 3: One Size Fits All

Reality: Bodies and preferences differ. Various sizes and shapes cater to different needs.

Myth 4: Larger Cups Are Harder to Insert

Reality: Difficulty is more about technique than size. Practice and patience matter more.

Myth 5: You Only Need One Size

Reality: Different sizes for different days enhance comfort. It's your choice.

Myth 6: Cup Size is Permanent

Reality: Bodies change. Reassess and switch sizes if needed.

Myth 7: Small Cups for Virgins, Large for Moms

Reality: Virginity  or motherhood doesn't dictate size. Your anatomy and preferences should guide your choice.

Myth 8: Smaller Cups are Uncomfortable

Reality: Comfort is subjective. A smaller cup can be comfortable, especially for those with a lower cervix.

Start your journey by clearing up any confusion about cup sizes!

The size of your menstrual cup is about embracing what feels right for you, not conforming to societal standards. By breaking free from these constraints, liberate yourself to explore and find your perfect.

Perfect Fit Chronicles: Understanding the Factors Behind Cup Sizing 

Factors like age, childbirth experience, and personal preferences act as a compass directing you towards the perfect fit. And we at Savvy, strongly believe that you should be yourself and always let your uniqueness be like a guiding star that helps you navigate through all the choices life offers.

  • Flow: Flow varies among individuals through various stages of life. Tailor your cup size to your flow. A heavier flow might benefit from a larger capacity cup, while a lighter flow may require a smaller size, keeping other factors in mind.

  • Age: Younger individuals or teens may find smaller size more comfortable as it has slightly a smaller diameter and therefore a smaller insertion point , while as women age hormonal changes might influence their cup size and hence prefer larger size.

  • Pregnancy/Childbirth: Whether you’ve given birth or had a full-term pregnancy can also impact menstrual cup size. Medium or large cups are usually recommended for people who have given birth or carried a pregnancy to full term.

  • Cervix Length: Your cervix height is basically the length of your vaginal canal. As menstrual cups are worn in the vaginal canal, sitting below the cervix, the cervix length can be a factor in finding the right fit for you. For example, if you have a lower sitting cervix, a small cup would be a better fit. 

  • Lifestyle: So if you’re fairly active and have strong pelvic floor muscles, you are likely to benefit from a small size menstrual cup.

So, here we are with our recommendations customised to your requirements!

  • Best menstrual cup for beginners
  • It is important to remember to never pull by the stem when removing your cup.  Use the stem to guide your fingers to the base of the cup, then pinch the cup to break the seal. Slowly pull down while continuing to pinch the base. Size based on factors above.

  • Best menstrual cup for teens 
  • Can someone who is 12 or 13 years of age use a menstrual cup? Ofcourse yes, without a doubt. Anyone who has just started with their periods can use a menstrual cup.. However, they may find it difficult at this age to insert or remove a cup but proper and careful guidance will help learn the process smoothly. Would recommend Small size menstrual cup for teens with normal flow.

  • Best menstrual cup for who have not delivered a child vaginally 
  • If you haven’t had a normal child delivery and are going through with a normal pace of period flow, the medium-size menstrual cup is  the most suited and comfy period partner for you.


  • Best menstrual cup for heavy flow or have delivered vaginally
  • When you have had a normal delivery, or you are over 30 years of age and have heavy flow, now is the ideal time for you to  use the large size menstrual cup. It’s high fluid holding capacity is just what you need at this moment! 

  • Best menstrual cup for those with a sensitive bladder
  • Our menstrual cups are the softest cups as they are made up of 100% medical grade silicon and offer comfort and flexibility to the core!

  • Best menstrual cup for menopause 
  • Many women find a menstrual cup benefits them during menopause when your vagina is often more dry.  Menstrual  cups leave your vaginal ph and wetness more in balance, unlike tampons which suck up all your vaginal fluid. And so, we are confident that you will definitely find your best fit amongst any of our Savvy cups.

  • Best menstrual cup for a short cervix 
  • Cervix size is another important factor which determines the perfect cup fit for you. If you have found that you have a very short cervix, we suggest small-sized Savvy cup and vice-versa.

    Your Journey, Your Map

    Consider the size options as points on a map, letting your unique journey chart the course. Just as the seasons change, so do your menstrual needs. Be open to adapting and exploring different sizes as your body evolves throughout different phases of your life.

    The delight of discovery—the joy of discovering your ideal fit—is the ultimate aim of this journey. Your menstrual cup gives you unmatched comfort and confidence when it fits your body perfectly. The trip itself turns into a celebration of empowerment and self-discovery. 

    Additionally, at Savvy, we never skimp on giving you that boost of confidence during your menstrual cycle. Our exquisitely made menstruation cups are made to provide you with comfort and relaxation during any activity of the day!

    Your Ongoing Tale

    As you venture forth on this quest, remember that your journey is an ongoing tale. New checkpoints, twists, and turns await you, and the menstrual cup size guide evolves with your experiences. Embrace the ever-changing nature of your body and the possibilities that come with it.

    menstrual cups

    Choose the one that suits you best in the variety of sizes available. May your search for the right menstrual cup size be filled with self-discovery, empowerment, and the joy of finding your perfect fit.