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Savvy #SuperGirl SMALL Size Reusable Menstrual Cup with Collapsible Menstrual Cup Sterilizing Container

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Clean Cups, Happy Periods: Hassle-Free Sterilization Solution!

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Combo Includes:

1x Reusable Menstrual Cup - Small (1N)

1x Menstrual Cup Sterilizing Container

The Savvy Sterilizing Container is your go-to for quickly sterilizing your menstrual cup in the microwave. Crafted from 100% food-grade silicone, it's safe and BPA-free. Plus, its collapsible design makes it super portable for on-the-go convenience!

Made in India, this container is safe, flexible, and designed to fit anywhere in a small space in your bag

Savvy Menstrual Cup is perfect for health-conscious individuals who prioritize their well-being. The Savvy cup collects menstrual blood rather than absorbing thus maintaining the natural vaginal pH balance. Crafted from 100% high-quality medical grade silicone widely used in medical care items like infant nipples and catheters, it's non-toxic and odor-free guaranteeing a safe and comfortable experience.

Why Savvy Menstrual Cup Sterilizing Containers Outperform Others?

·  Universal fit: Compatible with any size or brand of Menstrual Cup

·  Collapsible design: The sterilizing container is foldable ensuring portability and convenience, allowing for effortless cleaning while on the move

·  Microwave-friendly: It is safe to use in the microwave, providing a quick and efficient sterilization process for your cup

·  Designed for menstrual cups: The container is tailor-made to perfectly fit and thoroughly clean silicone cups with maximum effectiveness

·  Soft and flexible silicone: Made up of 100% food-grade silicone with resistance to damage and degradation caused by extreme temperatures

·  Hygienic and odor-free: It provides a leak-free and odorless environment for sterilizing your cup, ensuring maximum hygiene

Clean Confidence, On-the-Go: Why Choose Savvy Sterilizing Containers?

Simple and Quick sterilization: Sterilize your cup in just a matter of 2-3 minutes in a microwave for quick and efficient sterilization

2-in-1 Convenience - Clean Cup, Anywhere: This handy Savvy sterilizing container also acts as a travel case for your menstrual cup. Give it a quick rinse with water, or use the microwave for a deep cleaning with steam

Travel-Friendly: Compact and lightweight, it easily fits in your purse or travel bag

Long Lasting: The Savvy Menstrual Cup Sterilizing Container is super tough & durable and can stick around for upto 5 years with good care

Safe and Secure: Made from 100% food-grade silicone, the Savvy sterilizing container is BPA-free, non-toxic and completely safe to use ensuring a hygienic and comfortable experience

Peace of Mind: Enjoy the freedom and confidence of a clean menstrual cup during your travels

Wash and Re-use: Can be washed and reused, offering a sustainable and long-lasting solution

Features of The Savvy Menstrual Cup Sterilizer Container


Designed to be compact and portable, it easily slips into your purse or bag, making it convenient to carry wherever you go.

Foldable and flat

The sterilizing container can be collapsed and flattened, further enhancing its portability and ease of storage.

High in Quality: The Savvy Small size menstrual cup made up of 100% medical grade silicon comes with a Savvy menstrual cup sterilizing container also made of 100% food grade silicon making is extremely flexible soft and safe to use


It is compatible with every brand or size of silicone Menstrual Cups available in the market ensuring versatility and convenience for all users


No need to boil your menstrual cup in a pot on the kitchen stove anymore. The container is completely microwave-safe, providing a quicker and more convenient sterilization option

Steps To Use The Savvy Menstrual Cup?

i) Cleanliness First:

Wash Up: Start by thoroughly washing your hands with soap and warm water.

Sterilize Your Cup: 

  • Place your menstrual cup in the Savvy sterilizing container and fill it with water

  • Close the lid of the container. Place it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes

  • Allow the container to cool. Take the cup out and let it dry 


Folding and Insertion:

Find Your Fold: Choose your preferred fold for the cup (C-fold, punch down, triangle, or 7-fold). Pinch the sides of the cup to create your chosen fold, holding it comfortably between your thumb and forefinger.

Relax and Insert: Take a few deep breaths and gently separate the vaginal opening with one hand. Slowly push the folded cup upwards and inwards, aiming slightly towards your tailbone.

Release and Seal: Once inserted, release the cup and allow it to fully open inside your vagina. You should feel a secure seal formed.

Removal and Care:

Clean Hands, Clean Removal: Wash your hands again with soap and warm water.

Grasp and Pinch: Gently hold the stem of the cup and pull it downwards until you can comfortably reach the base.

Break the Seal: Pinch the base of the cup to release the air seal before gently pulling it out completely.

Empty and Rinse: Empty the cup's contents into the toilet. Rinse the cup thoroughly with clean water or sterilize the cup again using the Savvy Sterilizing Container before reinserting.

Emptying Frequency:

Savvy Menstrual cup gives you pad free periods and provides you upto 8-10 hrs of protection. One can define their frequency of changing cups per day depending on their individual flow.


Q1: Is this item durable?

A1: Yes, it is durable and long-lasting. With proper care, it lasts for upto 5 years

Q2: Will this container hold a large size menstrual cup?

A2: Yes, it can hold all three sizes of menstrual cups – small, medium and large.

Q3: How often should I use the sterilizing container?

A3:Most gynecologists recommend sterilizing your menstrual cup at the beginning and end of your period. However, you can use the sterilizer for mid-cycle cleaning if needed, especially if you're emptying your cup in a public restroom.