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Savvy Cottony Soft XL (20 Pads per packet) | Pack OF 3 Pkts

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Experience the Ultimate Comfort and Confidence with cottony soft protection

-> Supreme Comfort: Savvy Cottony Soft XL pads offer unparalleled comfort for your peace of mind.
-> Exceptional Absorption: Enjoy all-day protection with superior absorbency.
-> Skin-Friendly Design: The soft and gentle top layer keeps you feeling fresh and irritation-free.

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Elevate your period experience with Savvy Cottony Soft XL. Our pads are thoughtfully crafted to provide you with supreme comfort, unbeatable absorption, and a skin-friendly design that caters to your needs and gives you a cottony feel on your skin.


 Supreme Comfort: The cottony soft top layer ensures a gentle, comfortable feel during your period, so you can focus on your day, not your flow.

Exceptional Absorption: Savvy pads offer top-tier absorption, keeping you dry and confident throughout the day.

Skin-Friendly Design: Our pads are designed to be gentle on your skin, preventing irritation and discomfort.


Material: High-quality absorbent core with a soft and skin-friendly top layer

Weight: Lightweight and easy to carry in your bag or purse

Color: White

Compatibility: Suitable for all-day use, offering comfort and security for various activities

Usage Instructions:

Peel off the protective backing.
-> Place the pad in your underwear with the adhesive side down.
-> Ensure a secure fit and go about your day with confidence

Traditional sanitary pads can be uncomfortable and may cause irritation, especially during extended use. Their tendency to trap moisture can lead to discomfort, chafing, and skin sensitivity.

Solution: Savvy’s Cottony soft sanitary pads address these issues by offering a soft, gentle top layer that is comfortable against the skin. The cottony soft cover helps reduce discomfort and irritation, providing a more comfortable and pleasant period experience for all.


Question: Can I wear these pads during physical activities or workouts?

Answer: Yes, absolutely! Savvy Cottony Soft XL pads are designed to provide comfort and protection during physical activities and workouts, ensuring you stay comfortable and secure.

Question: How often should I change the pad?

Answer: The frequency of pad changes depends on your flow. For lighter days, you may change them every 4-6 hours, while on heavier days, more frequent changes may be necessary for optimal comfort and protection.

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